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  • Professional Web Hosting 
  • Easy startup, installation and support 
  • Available Click n Install Applications 
  • Enterprise class services such as email, website control panel 
  • Automation from Start to finish 
  • Smart Phone Integration with your site and email! (NEW)

Are you a professional, a student, a merchant?  You need these services more then ever.  We take the fear out of hosting, creating and managing a website. Elinkworld also provides the very best in website tools as you will soon see.  Professional  enterprise grade tools, email, reports and services.  Truly differentiating in the market place!  Let us show you how we can do this.

Click and Install Application Ease


How about letting us help you install Great applications with one click control? There are over 30 applications to chose from: Blogs, Content Management, joomla, mambo, Wordpress, Message Boards, Photo Galleries, shopping carts; a complete library of products all free with your selected hosting package. This is the fastest way to get your site off the ground and a great starting point for what you wish to do with your site. We have packages tailored for quick for specific needs.

Automated Control Panel:


From the moment you sign up with elinkworld you have full control. You can easily register or transfer your domain using our automated tools. Let our integrated solutions take the tech work out of the internet.

Web sites become easy to create and manage with elinkworld. The Control Access Panels provide easy administration of basic services such as Email Account, FTP Access, click and install applications and much more. Full control means faster access to services, easier site maintenance and faster content creation. You never have to call us to make any changes to your site settings or add an email address.

Access and personalization:

With comprehensive site access and controls making changes to your site, graphics and content is a snap. You can also use all of today's standard site tools such as Front Page, Dreamweaver and most any of today's html tools. If you are a power user you will be impressed by the fact you have access to the latest enterprise quality services all for these prices.

By now you should be getting the picture. We provide most of the work through automated installation and site access. Your site could be taking shape in minutes rivaling top sites of today with the similar functionality.

We invite you to search our site and see all of the amazing services and products you.